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INNEGO supports and advises its clients on divestitures, mergers or acquisitions

Divestitures – Sale of Companies

INNEGO assists corporations who wish to sell non-strategic subsidiaries or families / entrepreneurs who wish to sell their company because of industry evolution or succession issues. INNEGO helps the seller to prepare for the sale by planning and organising the sale process and by conducting international research on possible acquirers. INNEGO also prepares a selling memorandum describing the company to be sold in order to enable potential acquirers to formulate bidding proposals.

INNEGO subsequently contacts an agreed list of potential acquirers on behalf of the client with a view to obtaining the most favourable possible terms and fit. INNEGO assists the client in selecting the best possible offer(s), advises on possible deal structures where necessary, manages the due diligence by potential acquirers and supports the client in the final negotiations leading up to a closing of the transaction.

Acquisitions – Purchase of Companies

Companies that wish to make acquisitions have often identified possible targets, but particularly if the target is in another country, INNEGO is able to help complete information on possible targets and find ways to contact the shareholders of target companies. INNEGO is also able to help clients identify targets outside their own countries. Once a target has been identified, INNEGO is able to approach the shareholder(s) of a target, if appropriate initially without disclosing the identity of the client. If there is interest on behalf of the target to enter into negotiations, INNEGO supports the client in the negotiations, initially usually towards the conclusion of a letter of understanding, but thereafter also in respect of the due diligence, deal structure, legal agreements, regulatory matters and final negotiations. If necessary, INNEGO is also able to assist the client in raising finance for the acquisition through bank finance, mezzanine or equity.

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